Pitman Shift Schedule Plan

Are you managing a startup company or a small unit company and looking for a way to manage the suitable employee schedule? Then, you can try to implement Pitman Shift Schedule Plan. It is one of employee schedule plan that uses a certain pattern of employee working shift where the staffing fluctuation is balanced from day to day and shift to shift. It is suitable for company that plan to have two shifts daily and distributing their employees into four separate teams.

Below are some features you can get and need to know about how this Pitman Shift Schedule Plan works:

1. How many departments can involve?

Pitman Shift Schedule Plan involves 4 departments (teams)

2. How long are the shift hours per day?

It requires 12 hours shifts per day in a 24/7 effective working days per month. You can lower it to have less than 12 hours if you have some restriction regulation on number of total hours per week for your employees. But, you need to combine with other plan to cover that 24 hour period.

3. How the rotation of Pitman Shift Schedule Plan works?

Pitman Shift Schedule Plan is a fixed plan and you are not able to do any rotation for the schedule.

4. What happen to the employee vacation days or sick days?

All of the vacation days, sick days or any other days exclude working days are all given and calculated in hours.

5. How does this schedule work?

This schedule plan consists of non-working and working days for each team in every 2 weeks repeat cycle. Usually, the day 1 starts on Monday but the company may set the day 1 in any day of the week. At the end of this cycle, the whole sequences starts over. Each departments (teams) works in 2 consecutive days, followed by 2 shifts off duty, works 3 consecutive days, followed by 2 shifts off duty, works 2 consecutive days and followed by 3 shifts off duty. On a given working days, one department (team) will work on the day shift, while the other team will work on the night shift and the rest 2 departments (teams) will have their off duty. The employee will work either on the same day or nights shifts in every 2 week cycle and the other following week, the cycle will be changed in to the contrary shifts.

6. I still do not really get it. Can you give me the example of how Pitman Shift Schedule Plan works?

Below are the examples of how Pitman Shift Schedule Plan works

  • DS = Day shift
  • NS = Night Shift
  • OD = Off Duty

Department (team) 1 : DS-DS-OD-OD-DS-DS-DS // OD-OD-DS-DS-OD-OD-OD
Department (team) 2 : NS-NS-OD-OD-NS-NS-NS // OD-OD-NS-NS-OD-OD-OD
Department (team) 3 : OD-OD-DS-DS-OD-OD-OD // NS-NS-OD-OD-NS-NS-NS
Department (team) 4 : OD-OD-NS-NS-OD-OD-OD // DS-DS-OD-OD-DS-DS-DS

You could see example of this shift schedule generated from the Excel Shift Schedule Generator below.

PItman Rotating Shift Schedule Plan

7. What company does this Pitman Shift Schedule Plan commonly be implemented?

This Pitman Shift Schedule Plan is commonly implemented in police agency, emergency unit in medical services, law enforcement agency.

8. What are the advantages of Pitman Shift Schedule Plan?

  • The employee will work no more than 3 consecutive days
  • The employee will still have 2 vacation days (off duty)
  • The employee will have weekend for 3 days every other weekends.

9. What are the disadvantages of Pitman Shift Schedule Plan?

  • The employee may work for maximum 62 hours per week
  • The employees have an average 2 overtime hours per week.

Many shift schedule experts recommend that this Pitman Shift Schedule Plan works out well for a small unit company and less recommend this shift schedule for a sizeable company.

You can get the Excel file to simulate Pitman sample below.

Pitman Rotating Shift Schedule Plan

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